On This Day in #KatyPerryHistory… 20th November 2007, Ur So Gay was released

On This Day in #KatyPerryHistory… 20th November 2007, Ur So Gay was released

Ur So Gay is a song released by Katy Perry. She co-wrote the song with its producer Greg Wells while Drew Pearson served as the track’s engineer. It was Katy’s first major label release, and was later placed on her major label debut, One of the Boys. Capitol Records offered the song as a free download on their website. The song failed to enter the Billboard Hot 100.

When asked about the song, Katy said it was about a metrosexual boy named Greg. The song “wasn’t meant to be a big single or show what the album is going to be all about. That was for my Internet bloggers, so I’m not coming out of nowhere.” Katy’s A&R representative Chris Anokute confirmed this by saying that they had no plans for radio coverage but just wanted to put this “novelty” song out online as an introduction to see “what the attraction was”. As expected, sales were low, but Anokute said the single did well in terms of building a press story. For the release of the single, Katy’s label told her to include a cover. She originally wanted to cover a Queen song, but could not think of one that was particularly club-worthy. While at a club with her friends, The Outfield’s “Your Love” was played. Katy said that when the song came on, every girl there went onto the dance floor, and she wanted to have that same effect.

The music video was directed by Walter May. In the video, Katy plays the song in front of a bright cartoon-like background with clouds that have smiley faces on them. The characters in the video are played by Fashion Royalty dolls.

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