On This Day in #KatyPerryHistory… 12th January 2009, Thinking Of You was released

On This Day in #KatyPerryHistory… 12th January 2009, Thinking Of You was released

Thinking of You was written by Katy Perry for her 2008 album, One of the Boys. Produced by Butch Walker, it was released in January 2009 as the album’s third single. It is one of the three songs on the album that Katy wrote solely herself, alongside One of the Boys and Mannequin.

The song peaked at number 29 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming the album’s only single to fail to reach the Top 20 in the United States, and peaked at number 27 in the United Kingdom. There are two music videos released for the song. The first was released in 2007 and featured Perry in two different rooms, black and white, and was directed by a friend of hers. The second was the commercial release in 2009 which was set in the 1940s and featured Perry playing a woman who lost her lover, a soldier (played by Matt Dallas), in battle during World War II. Perry began playing the song during gigs as early as 2006, and performed the song on all of her concert tours: the Hello Katy Tour, the California Dreams Tour, the Prismatic World Tour and Witness: The Tour


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