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On This Day in Katy Perry History is a fan account where each day, an event from Katy’s career will be posted across social media.

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Photos used on the daily collage photos, images on this website and in the gallery have been collected by Katy Perry History over the last ten years from various websites and social media accounts. KPH does not claim to own any of the images. ‘Katy Perry History’ tag will be added to any photo I have edited. Daily collage pics will be tagged with ‘Katy Perry History’ as they have been put together through hours of endless work by KPH. Instagram stories are tagged with #katyperry to gain more views, @katyperryhistory to promote the account and @katyperry in hopes that one day Katy will see this project.

  • Wikipedia
  • Katy Perry’s social media accounts
  • Google
  • Zimbio
  • YouTube

All YouTube videos belong to the uploader. Please see YouTube for credit

Katy Perry History is in no way connected to Katy or her management.