Hello Katy Tour

Perry first announced the tour in November 2008, following the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008, which she hosted. The concert tour’s name is inspired by the Sanrio character named “Hello Kitty”. In an interview with Billboard, Perry stated, “I have the guy who creates stages for Madonna working on this tour, I’m indulging my obsession with fruit and cats and designing all different outfits.”

The stage design featured a white picket fence, mailbox, oversized pink flamingos, inflatable plastic fruit, and a giant cat named Kitty Purry that glowed during the encore. Perry had two costumes during the show. During the encore, she would appear dressed as a cat.

Each show would begin with California Girls by The Beach Boys being played as Katy Perry entered the stage. Perry would then perform Fingerprints, One of the Boys, Hot N Cold, Self Inflicted, and a cover of The Outfield’s song Your Love. After the number, Perry would pick up her guitar and perform an acoustic version of Mannequin and Thinking of You. The next songs performed were Ur So Gay and Waking Up in Vegas, where confetti flew over to the audience. Perry continued her act with Lost, I’m Still Breathing, I Think I’m Ready and If You Can Afford Me. At this point of the concert, Perry would exit the stage for a costume change and re-appear dressed as a cat. A stage prop of a massive cat head would glow as Perry covered Queen’s song Don’t Stop Me Now. Perry would conclude the show with I Kissed a Girl, and exit the stage after thanking the audience.


  1. Fingerprints
  2. One of the Boys
  3. Hokey Pokey
  4. Hot n Cold
  5. Self Inflicted
  6. Mannequin
  7. Thinking of You (acoustic version)
  8. Ur So Gay
  9. Waking Up in Vegas
  10. Lost
  11. I’m Still Breathing
  12. I Think I’m Ready
  13. If You Can Afford Me
  14. I Kissed a Girl (encore)