Prismatic World Tour

The show begins with neon-clad dancers emerging on stage. An area of the stage moves to form a pyramid, from which Perry emerges to perform Roar, wearing a mirrored leather skirt and crop top with neon lights woven into the seams. Towards the end of the song, she and the dancers skip using light-up ropes while the entire arena goes dark. Part of Me is the next track to be performed, where she and her dancers sprint down a 15 meter long treadmill. Following Part of Me, a dubstep version of Wide Awake, during which a triangular section of the stage rises and rotates in the air. She then performs This Moment, which features multi colored lasers projected across the stage. This Moment shortly transforms into Love Me afterwards, followed by Perry exiting the stage.. After a video interlude displaying Perry’s face created out of stars and planets in space, she appears on stage atop a mechanical horse. During this section of the tour, she wears an Egyptian-themed outfit, completed with a hand-embroidered leotard, a hand-embellished collar and an ornate purple and gold skirt. Perry performs Dark Horse, before moving on to E.T.. A large diamond-shaped structure descends from the ceiling to lift the singer in the air. Legendary Lovers is then performed, followed by I Kissed a Girl, which features dancers dressed as Rubenesque mummies with large breasts and buttocks. They follow Perry around the stage and after she exits, the mummies proceed with their own dance while guitarists are lifted into the air, with sparks shooting from their guitars.

A video interlude shows a cat being transported from the Pyramids of Giza to Kittywood. Perry emerges on top of a large ball of wool wearing a catsuit, accompanied by her dancers wearing similar cat costumes. A jazz version of Hot n Cold is then performed, before Perry begins to perform International Smile; the song is intermingled with Madonna’s Vogue. The dancers enact a short scene in which the cats chase a mouse. Perry re-enters, wearing a butterfly-themed dress and cape and performs multiple songs acoustically, including By the Grace of God, a mash-up of The One That Got Away and Thinking of You, and Unconditionally.

At the beginning of this section, there is a Megamix Dance Party, performed by the dancers and backing singers, which is a mix of a selection of songs. Perry arrives on stage wearing a top, skirt, and leggings featuring smiling faces and peace symbols. She performs Walking on Air, where she is lifted above the stage and flies from on end to the other. Following this, she changes into a yin-yang dress to sing It Takes Two. While performing the song, she is lifted off the ground while the bottom half of her dress is inflated and covers the lift, to give the apprentice of her being very tall. To close this section of the tour, a mash-up of This Is How We Do and Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) is performed as Perry and her dancers ride an inflatable car on stage. A video interlude is played, which shows Perry as a mental patient in a triangular padded cell, before paint splashes from all areas of the room. She appears on stage wearing a bra and skirt decorated with palm leaves to perform Teenage Dream. California Gurls is then performed with blackout lights and dancers move letters that eventually recreate the Hollywood Sign. Perry exits the stage before re-emerging to sing Birthday, wearing a one-piece outfit named the Birthday Suit, decorated with balloons over her breasts, and other birthday themed items. During the performance, Perry brings a member of the audience whose birthday is near the show’s date on stage, and they sit on a throne on top of a rotating birthday cake, which emerges from the stage. She soon is trapped into a seat with multiple balloons attached to it and flies around the entire audience as balloons and confetti descend from above. Soon after, she exits the stage once more after thanking everyone for attending and introducing her band members.

For the encore, an interlude called “Prism-Vision” is played, where the audience are encouraged to wear special rainbow-star diffraction glasses picked up before the show to magnify the visual effects of the performance. Perry enters the stage wearing a firework-themed dress to perform Firework. During the song’s climax, multiple fireworks explode on stage before Perry ends the show, exiting through the pyramid from which she entered the stage at the beginning.


  1. Roar
  2. Part of Me
  3. Wide Awake
  4. This Moment/Love Me
  5. Dark Horse
  6. E.T.
  7. Legendary Lovers
  8. I Kissed a Girl
  9. Hot n Cold
  10. International Smile/Vogue
  11. By the Grace of God
  12. The One That Got Away/Thinking of You
  13. Unconditionally
  14. Walking on Air
  15. It Takes Two
  16. This Is How We Do/Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
  17. Teenage Dream
  18. California Gurls
  19. Birthday
  20. Firework (encore)